LyfeTimes Packages

LyfeTimes offers many choices to meet your needs and circumstances. Personal and family stories are beyond compare! They make a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays family reunions, as well as able to be used as tributes or memorials.

LyfeTimes Audio Biography

Audio Biographies – If you are camera shy, this is the perfect product for you. You are unique and so is your voice!

We will record your spoken words including your photos that tell a compelling story or family history on custom printed DVD’s or USB drives. There are many more options available and LyfeTimes can certainly find a product to fit your budget!

LyfeTimes Video Biography

Video Biographies – A documentary featuring YOU!

We schedule a planning session with you to learn about you and your story. From that meeting, we develop interview questions in a form that is sequenced to create an easy to follow progression and entertaining narrative, enhanced with photos, music, and sound effects capturing the essence of you!

LyfeTimes Ancestry/Genealogy Video

Video biography – A documentary video featuring your family origins, history and stories.

We schedule a planning session with you and learn about your family stories and unique history. We combine your documents and photos in such a way your family story comes to life! Imagine all of your history in one place!

LyfeTimes Custom Albums

Custom organized albums of your photos and documents in one place!

The option to have albums featuring all of your pictures and documents is captivating and intriguing! One album that can be cherished and shared from generation to generation.

Call LyfeTimes today and find out what we can do for you!