Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing my story is very interesting. What options do you offer?

A LyfeTimes biography is tailored to fit your needs. If you want something other than what you see offered, just ask us!

Why should I hire LyfeTimes?

We bring you a gift that will entertain, inform and inspire passion. LyfeTimes brings all their talent to tell your unique story creating a precious keepsake for you, your family and friends. We guarantee they will want to see it again and again. Learn more about Sarah & Loren and visit our testimonial page to read comments from some of LyfeTimes satisfied clients.

This seems like a huge project! How do I get started?

First, don’t be overwhelmed! We will guide you through the process. The best way to start is to call LyfeTimes at 662-205-3111.

When it comes to telling my story do I have to memorize everything I want to say and give a speech?

Not at all! Before the on-camera interview, we will organize a concept planning meeting face to face or over the phone to learn about you. We develop a list of questions you will be asked while the cameras are rolling. The on-camera interview is a question-answer session between you and us. It’s a lot of fun and no memorizing is required.

Do I have to use your studio?

No. LyfeTimes comes to you! Whether it’s your home or business.

How much does a LyfeTimes video cost?

We’ll be honest up front. LyfeTimes creates a polished life story and guarantees that you’ll look and sound your very best. We bring creativity and thought into how your video is produced and our prices reflect that.

LyfeTimes may not be your least expensive option, but we do offer choices to fit a variety of budgets. Please give a call to discuss pricing for your story.

Can more than one person be in the interview?

We are often asked if they can interview multiple storytellers in one sitting or one person at a time. The answer is, that depends. In fact, it’s whatever works best for you given your circumstances. For example, if a couple is making a video biography for their great-grandchildren they will be interviewed separately, asking them similar questions, then combining interviewers to create a captivating storyline. They can also interview in groups of 2 or more storytellers in one sitting. We understand some people are more comfortable in a group setting. The energy created is entertaining and intriguing, especially if a family is looking for more spontaneity.