About Us

LyfeTimes is a small documentary company based in Saltillo, Mississippi specializing in one aspect which is YOU and your story. We don’t simply record your event. We get you talking and laughing while telling your story. That’s what your family and friends want to see, your joy and your laughter!

Loren and Sarah Neilsen founded LyfeTimes.

Loren Neilsen

Loren Neilsen

Before LyfeTimes, Loren was raised in Memphis, Tennessee and lived in Washington State for 25 years. He served in two branches of the United States Military and during his last 6 years of service he was a nuclear reactor operator. Loren has spent the last 15 years as a network engineer and currently owns 2 businesses, LyfeTimes and the second is Triple Canopy Networks. Loren gives back to his community supporting the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Jr. Civitan and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mississippi.

Sarah Neilsen

Sarah Neilsen

Sarah was born and grew up in the greater Seattle, Washington area, though her roots are here in Prentiss County Mississippi. She wore many hats as she balanced her family and career, as a single mother of twin daughters for 18 years. Sarah gives back to her community as a volunteer where there is a need. In the past, she was a member of Tupelo Evening Civitan Club, a volunteer firefighter EMT, first aid and CPR instructor and Ladies Auxiliary member.

Sarah and her husband support their local community programs like VFW, The American Legion, Junior Civitan International and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mississippi. She is most recently a member of Prentiss County Genealogical & Historical Society in Booneville, MS.

Why We Do What We Do

Mortality is generally not something that we like to discuss at Lyfetimes but it’s a reality. It’s just not our thing, we don’t sell death or comfort after death, that is not part of our business. What we are about is the knowledge that you have left something behind that is a big part of you. You have left something that generations coming can see, so they can get a sense of you, of who you are, and why you are who you are.

We can tell you stories about our personal loved ones lost; my step-father and my wife’s mother. Now that they are gone we have their things and our memories of them, but those things are not who they were. Once even we are gone, then they will just be a name written on a few photographs. It irks me to no end that this is the case, that there is nothing of our loved ones that is going to last generation to generation. It is our goal to make sure that as few people as possible fall into this from now on. Our mission is to get everyone that is willing in front of these cameras so that future generations will have an idea of who they were. To ensure they will not just be a name written on an old dusty photograph.

Loren and Sarah Neilsen
Founders – Lyfetimes