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“Our family is so happy with this whole experience. LyfeTimes is a great group to work with. Knowing we can pass this down the future generations brings us great joy. There is no reason not to have an ancestry or biography video in the digital age.”

“I have to say that doing this video project with Lyfetimes was a very interesting and eye-opening experience. First, they were utterly professional and the process was, honestly, fun (and a little bit scary). Secondly, over the course of the interview, I started remembering and talking about things that I haven’t thought of in many years. The MLK assassination and the empty streets of Memphis and how utterly weird that was and times with my family when I was younger. I found it to be a novel thing and I am very glad that I went through with this. I cannot recommend this enough, especially to people who have stories to tell. After seeing this process and what it is about, I highly encourage anyone to do this for yourself and for your family members current and those to come. They say lots of things like “Your history is unique and your experiences should be shared” and I couldn’t agree more”.